Who we are.


(“Adcom”) is established on 18th October, 2001. Since its establishment, Adcom has produced astonishing work for its clients as one stop agency that provides a comprehensive advertising and events solution. Adcom always focuses and brings forward its client’s brand personalities and goals to be presented distinctively in each project. It always emphasise in both process and result to become a trusted partner for various types of clients and communities. In this instance, Adcom is always in the state to have a long mutual cooperation and collaboration with its clients and communities.


It is a fact that every advertisement is part of the longterm investment in the personality of the brand. On its implementation, it involves research, product positioning, brand image development, and big ideas with an enormous monetary impact for the brand owner.

Meanwhile, everyone knows that in today’s economic condition, efficiency has becoming a must and the biggest challenge for all businesses to survive and grow. For this instance, efficiency should have a broad definition, where it is not actually about the cost reduction. But, it should be defined as achieving maximum productivity with minimum wasted effort.

Hence, we trust that a smart but humble, creative but consistent, and innovative but impactful advertising investment on a brand plays an important role to successfully attract the attention of consumers to buy the products.

In order to produce so, we believe a generalist’s approach that is agile, dynamic, problem solving and creative will be the answer.With this approach, Adcom that is surrounded with its well-experienced specialists on board, have the ability to reasonably adapt to and fill the gap of any client’s conditions and requirements. We believe this will create an added value for our clients’ tangible (return of investment) and intangible (brand development) goals.




COMMUNICATION world that is growing dynamically needs an applicable integrated framework of communication to reach the objectives. Brand development needs an intense approach in order to be aligned with the objectives. Hence, communication is not only about the making of the framework, but also the consumer’s needs alignment and the implementations.

Answering this challenge, Mr. Donny as PT. Adcom Cipta Media’s (“Adcom”) Managing Director has set up his communication division comprehensively, which covers advertising, printing, merchandising, and event organizing sectors. Adcom is supported by well experienced creative professionals, having credibility to handle national projects for both domestic and international companies such as : Telkomsel, Indosat, Unilever, L’Oréal, Kérastase, Garnier, SC Johnson, Maybelline, DBS Bank, Samsung, etc.

Adcom will always be ready to accompany you with strategic communications in a smart and straightforward way. We always become the right partner to help you aim your target market.






ADCOM were born as a result of our whole experiences and interest in creative and event activities. We strongly believe that to produce such unique and distinctive event concepts and management requires a strong experience and whole hearted interest in it. Accordingly, Adcom was setup with a strong foundation based on well experienced and passionate talents, which precisely replicates our experiences and interest in every kind of events.

With such potential, Adcom always put the task in defining the clients’ brand positioning, strategies, and objectives as an exciting tasks to be delivered and be executed as an event. We believe Adcom will always becoming your suitable partner to reach your goals and objectives.